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I can't boot to my Mavericks installer
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Hey, People!

I downloaded the Mavericks DMG file from the Niresh website. I tried to write it to my newly bought flashdrive using TransMac, USBit, and Win32DiskImager. All with no luck. After writing is finished, i try to reboot. I already changed my boot priorities to my FDrive first. All with no luck. It just doesn't open my Niresh Installer.


I also did the AHCI and the HPET thing. I also tried Shift + Restart, then selecting my FDrive but still no luck. I've tried re-downloading, too. I think i've tried doing every trick on the book.


It doesnt show any error or anything. It just hops in to windows directly.


Can you give me some help? 

Asus X452C

Intel Core i3-3217u

Radeon HD 8530M

Windows 8.1

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