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Can't connect to internet using Windows 7 ICS


Hi there guys,


I'm new here and yesterday I decided to install Niresh 10.9 on my Desktop even though I knew my Wi-Fi card was incompactible (Athere 9485 or so... rsrsrs) 


I remembered I could use ICS/NetworkBridge, I have used it with Windows-Windows to share my Wi-Fi connection from my newer laptop via ethernet to my older laptop.


Unfortunatly I can't connect my OSx desktop via ethernet to the router itself so I am trying to use the ICS from my Windows7 laptop that is connected to the internet via wifi and to the desktop via ethernet. I tested inbetween both Windows Laptop and the ICS is working good but with OSx it simply can't connect to the internet. No matter what DHCP/manual configuration I was still not able to get past the Ethernet and Network settings green indicators on the diagnosis (The netwoork settings one only shows green if I set the IPv6 from auto to local area only). The ISP, Internet and Server are always Red.


Can someone gimme some help on this or another solution?


I will leave here the system setup just fyi.



AMD FX-8320

Asrock 970 Pro3 Rev2

WDC Blue 1TB

2x4GB Patriot Viper Series 3

Radeon HD7870



Btw, I didn't install the Kext for the HD7xxx, but I have set up with GraphicsEnable=NO and I had no problems to get image. Should I still install the Kext? It is recognising it correctly on the System info so I guess that it already has the correct kext?

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No one into this kind of networking stuff?


Also got another question, after messing arround with Windows 8 and OSx to make them dualboot perfectly through Chameleon (I had to even made a command to put boot1h2 or something in my Mavericks partition for it to boot up with Chameleon) I had a slight thing that is bothering me a bit. When I boot, Chameleon appears with only OSx selected and a quit short (5 sec or so) time before it autoselects that for boot. And Windows will only appear if I cancel that time by pressing p.ex. the right arrow. 


How can I set that time to none and have it just appear with both options so I could have all the time I want to select which OS I want to boot in? And also, how can I swap positions (making Windows the first selected)?

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