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Enabling QE/CI on dell inspiron 3421

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ind!go    1




CPU:Core i3 3217u

GPU:intel HD 4000 (integrated only)


Installed niresh mavericks


cant enable 3d accleration.


which SMBIOS should be chosed for best compatibility? Installer have Macbookpro 6 1 and 8 1 , i choose MacBookPro 8 1


When i installed kexts , i got bluetooth failed message at boot, fixed by removing kexts intel kexts.


tried injecting using clover bootloader with intelHD4000 , it changed SMBios to MacBook Air and graphics as IntelHD 4000 but there was no accleration.


tried several methods , still cant enable QE/CI.

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ind!go    1



Thankyou for reply


in my case clover bootloader method didnt work.


issue was resolved by by using kexts and DSDT generation using maciASL with rehabman intel hd400low resolution fix. changed smbios to macbook pro 9 2.

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Niresh    2,312

@ind!go it would be good if you post the steps & methods as a comment under this topic it can help future users :)

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subayloco    0

we have the same laptop. I edited the AppleIntelFrameBufferFB.kext to fix the lvds port and use IntelCapriFB=4

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