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Bryce Wilkinson

Toshiba Satellite L855D AMD-A8 4500M


Hi there, I am trying to install OSX mavericks on my Toshiba Satellite L855D, AMD-A8 4500M 8GB ram laptop. For some reason after i enter chameleon and i type my boot flags, it sais press any key to continue, then it instantly reboots? Could someone help? I have searched good for ever and all i could find was some guy who had the EXACT same specs, Just a HP laptop and he managed to install no problem? Just like to say now i do not have another mac laying around, and i AM VERY SORRY FOR MY RECORDING QUALITY, it was my first time using my iphone video camera, i wasnt sure what was up or down. I tried my best to get all the details in. PLEASE HALP ME!!! Again, I tied my very best to show details and i apologize for the bad video :(




Here is my CPU specs







Any help means alot. I have been trying to install OSX since the first iAtkos came out ages ago. This version of osx seems the most promising seeing the AMD support. PLEASE!




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@Bryce Wilkinson You need to make a chameleon bootable usb

Follow the above guide to make a chameleon bootable usb and simply it wont boot you need to edit the boot.plist in /Extra


replace  org.Chamelelon.Boot.Plist with the attached one in (/Extra) Folder

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EDIT, Here are some pictures to hold off until the videos upload. Maybe someone can get an idea of whats wrong?


NOTE: These pictures are not in the black chameleon menu (when you press tab) they are in the regular boot menu. The video is on the other boot menu.


When it asks to press key.




Right before it  instantly reboots



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@Bryce Wilkinson its the included kernel patcher modules causing the problem 

its actually little hard to fix ? (without a mac)

there are some alternate option would you like to try ?

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