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After 10.9.3 (Kernel Panic)


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Well today I encounter a problem after updating to 10.9.3 with kernel panic.I can not start with-x or anything. Please I need your help! Also try to repair permissions via Disk Utility usb Niresh






Did you replace the kernel after updating to 10.9.3? If not then you are in trouble. Restore your installation (if you backed it up before), and try again reinstalling the update. But this time, take a backup of your mach kernel (usually seen as mach_kernel) from your root directory. when the combo update tells you to restart, do not restart. Replace your previous kernel with the latest and reboot. That's the way you have to do it.

*** I'm assuming that you are on an AMD platform, if in Intel I can't assure you about the above process! ***

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Good morning,
I also had this problem but resolved with mavericks boot usb ...
Terminal:-x-v npc1=0x2000

install chimeira again and reeboot

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