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Humayon Kabir

Procedure to upgrade to 10.9.3


hello guys,
I brought 2 you the easy and simple installation procedure to 10.9/10.9.1/10.9.2 to 10.9.3 .Steps are given below:


1.Download OSx 10.9.3 combo update.

2.backup your extentions from yourmac/system/library/Extentions(simply copy )

3.backup your kernel with    apps.

4.apply update

5.reboot with verbose mode aka  "-v"

6.simply copy the backup extentions folder to yourmac/system/library/Extentions
 warning: it may shows many error pop up just ignore/ok it.

7.restore your kernel from the backup permission with kext wizard.

9.At last reboot your hackintosh and enjoy 10.9.3


N.B: The tested PC was:


Intel 4th Gen Core i5 Processor


not sure about AMD users.


have a nice day and sorry for my nOOby english.


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Guest InfamousSynergy   
Guest InfamousSynergy

Hence why I added ",Khat?"   He is normally pretty clued up on the AMD side of things from what I gather

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