Hey guys!


First of all, thank you for your work, it's amazing.

I installed Niresh (Mavericks) on my laptop and it works just fine. I had only to fix WiFi.

But there is one problem: it doesn't want to go into sleep mode. I tried all three modes (fast, save etc.), but nothing helps. Laptop just turns off the screen and keeps doing something with hard drive infinitely.


So I'm wondering, is there a way to determine the reason of this issue? I searched for it in logs, but didn't find anything relevant.

Please help me.




i5 Sandy Bridge

Intel HM65 Express

Intel HD 3000 (the only graphics card)

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I've resolved the problem with DSDT from similar model. Sleep mode works fine (it takes ~15 sec to turn off laptop though).

In case someone is interested, here is DSDT. Just put it in /Extra directory.

I can't get my dsdt to work, I have the same laptop

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