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George Nicolaou

Installer causes restart


I have made a MacPwn usb with version 1.3,also tried 1.2 for Yosemite DP2 tried DP1 aswell. 


Bootloader chemeleon

added usbbusfix and selected the correct kernel


pc keeps restarting 


tried -x -v together and separately any other ideas?

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In my case worked clover with HPET fix and IntelGFX fix options. Try ForceHPET=No flag.

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That's the same here! In my case installer just power off my computer.

Here are some photos:


1) The installer starts loading until this point;

2) The screen gets full resolution (I have a R9 290X), I can move mouse pointer;

3) After the rainbow wheel starts going the screen becomes all grey (no mouse pointer) and then the computer just power off. 

I tried booting with -v and after the 2) image it just seems like a normal power off: the verbose mode shows some lines as I'm really turning off my Hackintosh from Mavericks.


Anyone has an idea?




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Chameleon brings me this restart issue and when I try to use clover, usb mouse and keyboard are not working. :(


/edit: I also solved this issue using Clover. I just found out that Clover can use my DSDT.aml so my usb devices are working.

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