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Instant reboot trying to install mavericks on Lenovo Flex 14"


Hi, I've been traying to install mavericks on my lenovo flex 14" with the next hardware:


-Intel core I3 4010U


-500 GB HD + 8 SSD (DDR3L-1600)


-SATA 150


My Bios doesn't have a SATA controller option, but I can change the option to legacy support.


OnceI try to install it, the Apple logo apears per like 2 seconds and instantly reboots to lenovo icon, the it takes me to choose a reboot device.

I've tried typing the commands with the same results:

"-x", "-v", "xpcm -free -x -v with mavericks". 


I did my bootable usb with win32diskimager.


Help me please! ;(

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Update: I was able to keep going with the installation typing "ivy -x". But when it is installing this appears:

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