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My first Hackintosh try


Hallo to everyone, it's my first try installing Maverick onto my new PC but... I'm having troubles because right after booting with the Niresh usb key and putting whatever tags I end up with seeing for half a second the apple logo then the PC restarts.

Is there any chance I could make it run on my pc or is it a problem related to the type of hardware I have on it?

That's my specs:


Asrock H87 Pro 4

i7 4770

8GB 1600Mhz Crucial Ballstick Sport

Sapphire R9 270


I know there could be problems with the motherboard, but if you tell me there's a chance of working around issues I could try harder. I would really like to do it :)


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Maybe you have to configure the bios

SATA Controller Mode: AHCI

Disable virtualization

Try also disabling Sapphire R9. Search "Graphics device" in bios

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Thank you for the reply, I've already set AHCI mode and disabled virtualization, but if I set the graphic card to intel while the R9 is mounted I see a black screen, can't even see the bios, do you think the graphic card could be the problem? In that case I could try unmounting it from the pc.

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You can also try the flag "GraphicsEnabler=no".

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Hello guys I am trying to make my first Hackintosh on my laptop INTEL I7 processor configurations are 4900MQ 4 generation Haswell, Intel video card 4600, 8GB memory, 500GB DRIVE WITH HSSD FIRST, SECOND WITH 320GB HD, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 870M 6GB motherboard P15SM-A/SM-1-A clover, which would be better to install it, maverick's, mountain lion or snow leopard. thanks 
I could not get in the panic cpu 0 caller 0x2aa72f,  what I need to do, thanks to installation screen

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I tried all the combinations between GraphicsEnabler=No dart=0 and npci=0x3000 or npci=0x2000.

But I see the apple logo for half a second then the PC reboots. I will try without the graphic card maybe.

But I'm wondering if someone ever tried and succeed with the Asrock H87 Pro 4 since I've heard this brand isn't well supported.

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    • Recently I tried to install Sierra Zone Hackintosh onto my Dell Inspiron N5567 Laptop. Installation was pretty fine. It booted up so well. The problems started during the post-installation process. Audio kext worked properly after some reinstalling. Wifi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth was unable to configure. When installing the graphics kext for Intel HD Graphics, it got installed properly and after restarting my laptop, there was a black screen after my Clover bootloader and it gets shut down.    My Laptop Specs: Dell Inspiron N5567 Intel Core i5 7200U 8GB DDR4 SODIMM RAM  AMD Radeon R7 M445 Graphics  2TB Hard Drive   The Drivers Include: Intel AC3265 Network/WiFi drivers Realtek ALC 3246 Audio Drivers Intel HD 620 Graphics Drivers AMD Radeon R7 M445 Graphics Drivers.   Please do consider this issue and come up with any solutions. I have checked youtube. No one has Hackintosh installed Hackintosh on the very same laptop series. Please help.
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      I finally decided to install macOS high sierra on my laptop - Lenovo IdeaPad 720S 15IKB.
      It has:   i5-7300HQ, Intel HM175
      12GB DDR4 RAM
      A Samsung 256GB NVMe Drive
      GTX 1050 Ti With Max-Q   The first try did not boot so i had to use some args to get it to boot. The first problem arises due to the fact that all available usb slots are usb 3.1. The installer did not recognise my keyboard and trackpad and i had to install some kexts to get them working. Well, after i intalled the kexts, It was stuck in a boot loop. I was fed up and it was late so i decided to download hackintosh zone from niresh. I would install it later. Well, when i run hackintosh zone it gets stuck at the apple logo after loading. I ran it in verbose mode and it gets stuck in the following   [Date] localhost[1] <Error>: Host-level exception raised: pid = 541, thread = 0xbf1f, exception type = 0xd, codes = { 0 }, states = { 0 }
      busy timeout[0], (240s): 'AppleEFIRuntime'
      busy timeout[1], (240s): 'AppleEFIRuntime'
      busy timeout[2], (240s): 'AppleEFIRuntime'   Then the screen goes blank and it starts over. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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