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Trouble with Customization Options in Installation


I was able to successfully boot into Niresh's Hackintosh installation, but I'm experiencing some issues with the installation. I think it has to do with the customizations.


At first, the installer worked fine and installed Macintosh without any issues. But I was experiencing an issue where my computer wouldn't boot into any bootloader that I selected in the installation process. I realized that what was happening was that Chameleon and Clover (whichever was selected) was being unselected when I finished selecting all of my options. On my last attempt at an installation, I went through and made sure that all of my options were selected and then clicked Chameleon and then install. I double and triple checked before clicking install to make sure that the box was checked before finally clicking install. The installation went through and began to install to the system but with less than minute left, the installation stopped and said that there was an error and it couldn't continue.


I'm wondering if maybe I'm not selecting all of the right options for my machine. Is there any way to figure out what options I ought to click for my system's specs? Admittedly, I'm not sure what I absolutely need and what I don't.


My computer is an HP Envy TouchSmart m6-n012dx running on an Intel i5-4200M CPU with integrated HD 4600 graphics.

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I think I've figured out my issue...or at least the beginning of it.


On most tutorials, people will tell you to change the BIOS settings from IDE to ACHI. I never saw such an option in my BIOS so I figured it wasn't necessary. But as I read more, I'm finding out that changing that has a big effect on the bootloader and how it will operate.


I've used CPU-Z to figure out my BIOS and it's by Insyde and its version is F.04.


I've done lots of Google searches trying to find information on this BIOS and how to navigate it but haven't found anything. Is there any place that I haven't checked or maybe is there a way to change IDE to ACHI in the Windows environment using Command Prompt or something?

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