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Max Helle

help ! "Your device or computer could not be verified....."


Hey Guys

I have an Asus ux32a-db5.


I have succefully installed mac os mavericks on to it with a dual boot of windows 7

Everything is working perfect even battery,brightness,sound and HDMI.

I changed my Wifi centurion card for an Atheros 9285.

I am using an Atheros 9285 wifi card to use the internet which is working fine.

I dont have Lan connector since it is a thin ultra book.


But i cannot get Apple store to work.

I am already using the boot option Ethernet Built In but i still get the error message.


Thanks for your help 


attached are pictures of my System Information network










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I had this same problem add BuiltInEthernet string to com.apple.boot.plist or chameleon in your example I don't want to go into full detail google how to add efi string to fix App Store verification (:

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I am already using the BuiltInEthernet string 


thanks for your help anyways!


Anyone else can please help me ???

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