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IntelHD 4000 QE/CI
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Does anyone actually how to enable it?


I've tried everything for the past 9 hours.


Basically I have both Clover and Chameleon to boot from.


Clover is kept on my USB stick and I boot from my EUFI settings that's saved where the OS is installed.

unfortunately I've gotten every single thing to work except getting a decent speed.


Chameleon is booted from my main USB and the boot.plist installed on the mac


- Sound works now

- Bought compatible Wi-Fi card (internet works)

- Touchpad works

- Full resolution works (1366x768)






This guide, did not help as I do not have these kexts. How do I get them? I've gotten a version online but when I install those my system just freezes and have to boot into safe mode to remove them.


I guess I don't have any drivers for my graphics card?






Guide I used, Also did not work, I'll also add that the guy added his own configuration and told people to use it in his guide. No it doesn't work like that , I saw the settings he used and backed out, completely different resolution ,RAM and language settings.


Closest I've came was with Chameleon with GraphicsEnabler=Yes 

Both nVidia and IntelHD4000 showed up with their names this time but neither had enough memory.


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