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[Successful] I5 3570K - Ga Z77M-D3H - Hd4000

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deadmau5    54

Hi, i'm deadmau5 (Brian Moyano actually) and this is my first hackintosh. If you want to read more about my hardware, see my signature below of each post that i make.


This hackintosh doesn't need a guide, because works everything out of the box. Snow leopard is not supported, so i tried Niresh 10.8.2 and iAtkos ML2.


Both of them installed and booted well, no need to use bootflags. And if you're looking for a dedicated guide to install osx in this specs, this isn't the right place. Because, it's easy and it's explained everywhere. I don't want to steal others people guides and paste it here, or write a guide teaching how to do it. It's very very easy, trust me.



Enabling the Audio, it's very easy too. Just download this file and then install it.

You can install the kext by using Kext Wizard (Drag and drop into the app) or you can do it to the old school style. Drag and drop into /System/Library/Extensions.

Restart and everything should be working.



Sorry if i repeat this line again, but, enabling network, it's really easy too. First, download Multibeast 5.5.5 - Mountain Lion. When finished, extract the zip and open the pkg file. Next, next, next, accept and wait.




Select the only Atheros driver, and then next again.

Restart, and the network should be working.



And last but not least, is the HD4000 driver. There's plenty of site that teach how to make this working. If you're using DVI or HDMI, then you can use chimera or chamaleon to make it work. If you're using vga, you will need some patience and you will have to know how to edit the hex of a file. 



If you think this guide is missing something, please tell me. If something that i explained didn't work, please tell me.


Regards from Argentina.

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deadmau5    54

how about laptop i need help getting interl accerator cause my hackintosh choppy and sluggish and flick on safari can u help please

Have you check this:



or this?


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