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Can't boot without USB Installer


Hi Guys !


Im getting mad right now, i tried so many solutions to fix the "boot0 : done" message... Not "boot0: error etc" only "done".


My windows is installed on my SSD and OSX on my HDD (2 partition : data and osx)


So actually I tried this method :

But it didn't work because in the terminal, it said "no such file or directory". The USB name was the good one... so i gave up.


So i tried some stuff with chameleon wizard with boot0md but didn't work also (bizarre because it said use this if youre OS X is installed in an other disk than windows, which is my case)


If someone have some ideas because now Im starting to be really stuck....


Spec :


Intel Core i7-4700MQ (Quad-Core 2.4 GHz)



Intel HD4000 Integrated Graphic

HDD 750 Go + SSD 128Go




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have same issue but after installing chameleon v 2.2 and there after installed chimera from tonymac and it booted without usb....i have samsung lap with i5

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I've read before that you can get this error as its trying to boot from some other device, have you tried unplugging everything that isn't needed?

Edit: Ahh you're on a laptop too, so it could be the card reader

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I figured out guys :)


To be honest, it was a mess... I actually don't know what fixed my problem. But I think it's this :


So I made my partition Active, and it didn't worked. I went to my Windows, and with a partition software, I changed the OX Partition to Primary (it was the only thing I could do)

Just to be sure, I advise to go back to OSX with USB Installer after this, and then reinstall the bootloader.


Hope it will helps people !

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