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Need DSDT Edit for AMD 7750
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I am trying to enable hdmi Audio on my AMD RADEON 7750. I have tried to do a dsdt edit and use Chuturo as a framebuffer in the edit but I always get kernel panic. If it is necessary my vendor/device is 0x683f1002. Also my card is at:


Specs: MB: Zotac H55ITX AE

CPU: AMD A10 6800K

Graphics: RADEON HD 7750



Link to DSDT: http://ge.tt/8Bwr2Ap1/v/0



It appears as though this may work (it has 7750 but I keep trying and I get errors and all kinds of issues with kernel panic): 




or this link : http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/about-amd-7970-working-with-full-qe/

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