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Alina Gee

Cpus=1 please help


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Hum, what is it for ? Installation ?

Put your computer scpecifications, should be better to understand

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I was also obliged to boot with the cpus=1 boot flag althoug I had 4 cores in my CPU. Install Lapic Kernel 0.7 which's originally created for ML but which is also compatible with Marvericks (I'm on 10.9.0 also) and it solved my problem and I'm running with my 4 cores now ! :) It patches OS X for HP Laptops with Intel ix Processors.


Here's the link => http://www.hackintoshosx.com/file/316-lapic-kernel-patcher-v07/


Hope it will works for you ;)



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Ok, did you do any backup of your Intel graphic kexts ?

If yes, you should put them back with Kext Wizard (Edit sorry ahah). And repair cache and permissions, just in case.


Alright i saw you have a Nvidia Graphic card, so in Org.chameleon.Boot.plist, put SkipNvidiaGfx=Yes, may be it could help.

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ok i have some problem


in system info showing 4 cores


why my laptop is over heating.


intell HD 4000 Working on 1024mb but make jerk on screen when play any video, moving  screen,  on safari etc


when i update 10.9.2/3/4 its giving me error 


sound slider not working no mute no volume control


screen brightness to low


wifi not working 


please help me on this please ans step by step 


and i want to install ML 10.8.5 with Chameleon is that possible if yes please tel with easy way you know i am no technical person 


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