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Alina Gee

Problems please solve help! admin

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ok i have some problem


in system info showing 4 cores


why my laptop is over heating.


intell HD 4000 Working on 1024mb but make jerk on screen when play any video, moving  screen,  on safari etc


when i update 10.9.2/3/4 its giving me error 


sound slider not working no mute no volume control


screen brightness to low


wifi not working 


please help me on this please ans step by step 


and i want to install ML 10.8.5 with Chameleon is that possible if yes please tel with easy way you know i am no technical person

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:)  Sorry i Have hp pavilion dv6 7010tx  


Intel® Core™ i7

Intel HD 4000

NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)


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1. HD4000 is not getting full QE/CI use latest bootloader or try Clover Bootloader. 2. Update error what the Error ? 3.Volume slider = your Audio will work. 4.your dedicated graphics will not work i think you know it :( try to disable it sometimes it cuase error . 5.for heated CPU check its also heating in other OS if you have installed or Avoid NullCPUPowermanagement.kext Good Luck :)

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thanks deepak for replying 1. i am using chameleon 2. error while update "os x update can't be installed on this disk This volume does not meet the requirements for this update." 3. i my sound is working but mute and volume control not working 4. if nvidia is not woking so what is this "" 5. my laptop is working fine in windows only heat in osx and Avoid  NullCPUPowermanagement.kext mean delete this file ?


and one more thing i have core i7 with 8 core but after kernel patcher its showing 4 core only in HWSensors and sys info also 

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1.Latest Chameleon Revision is 2391 better if you use Clover Bootloader. 2.leave updation untill you will get all things working (IMO) 3.Audio still you are using wrong Kext if you are using VoodooHDA use v2.8.5 or a Patched APPLEHDA use correct which is for your codec use windows to your Audio configuration using AIDA64 or else . 4.Nvidia will not work due to Optimus is not working in Hackintosh since neither now nor in future Hackintosh will get a solution (i wish i could be wrong )foucuss in HD4000 instead 5. Heating is always due to lack of powermanagement so you need to delete NullCPUPowemanagement.kext but beware it will lead you to Kernel Panic ,required then use Pathed AICPM.kext only when get kernel panic also use latest Fakesmc an HWsensors , PS:you can also use MacPois0n for most stuff you need at one stop . Good luck :)

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 HD4000 is showing 1024mb is not getting full QE/CI please solve this and why you use so difficult word 2. you did not ans my last Qus. about 8 cores



check Pm also 

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whats the model no of your cpu like mine is i5-3570k whats your i7 ??


HD4000  is detecting proper but not working may be due to processor cuz its integrated Graphics 


i have checked pm too .

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    • Hello people, I don´t know if radeon RX 560 as many as possible to make works on Mountain Lion 10.8.5 
      What´s your opinion?

      Let´s get your answers here please.

      I hace a problem with ports usb from my motherboard. A lightning destroy all my ports.
      Finally I have two PCI cards with usb ports, but is impossible to install a operating sistem from usb.

      Now I´m using a Radeon HD 6850 very well, with a hackintosh Mountain Lion 10.8.5 native controller.
      I have a dual boot with Windows 10 64 bits with a DVD installation.

      My graphic card is 1GDDR5 video memory. 

      Can you help me?


      See you. 

    • i am trying to install os x yosemite on my laptop with cpu i3 5005u processor and intel hd 5500 graphics using chameleon when i enter into bootloader and press enter without adding any flag i enter into grey acreen with apple logo how to fix this plz help me this happens in USB drive
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    • Hello! Yesterday I successfully installed Yosemite (Yosemite Zone distro) on my laptop (Sony Vaio FIT 15E with an i3-3217U). The only thing that doesn't work is the wifi card (BCM43142). I found in my house another wireless card, AzureWave AW-NB047H. Is this wireless card compatible with macOS?   Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance. ~IOStream
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