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Trouble installing 10.9.3 Combo Update on AMD/VMWare

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Hi guys!


My problem is as follows:


When I updated Mavericks to 10.9.3 using the combo update, I replaced the kernel with this one.

I also installed the three kexts that were included using Kext Wizard. After that, I refreshed caches, fixed permissions and then rebooted.


The installation went fine, and OS X 10.9.3 booted up. However, when I rebooted OS X another time, it wouldn't boot anymore. Not at all.

I've tried all the boot flags you could imagine, but it still doesn't work... If I boot it without any flags, the processor is turned off almost immediately. :(


So I started all over again with a new virtual machine, and this time I fixed permissions etc. again after the 10.9.3 update, but it still didn't work anymore after a reboot.


Does anyone have any tips for me? I don't even know how it is possible that the system only boots up successfully once, and then just dies on the second reboot. :P


Thanks in advance!


BTW: Processor is AMD FX 8350, my Graphics Card is a GeForce GTX 770, if that matters.

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Probably the kernel...check a guide i wrote a few days ago, i gave a step by step on how i did it on my amd machine, i made a backup of my own kernel booted into it with the bootflag and then replaced the new one with my old one......before i tried with a random kernel online and it never worked. So try replacing it with your original one

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