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Possible to update via app store?

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Hello! New person here who recently got a hackintosh and I'm loving it, First off, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, if it is please feel free to move it or anything.


Anyway: I'm quite a poor person so i rely on torrenting really expensive software, if i have the money: I buy it.


Now i have programs like Final Cut pro which i am saving to buy but i still have the cracked version.


The appstore tells me there is an update for Final Cut pro, is it possible for me to update through the appstore, Is it safe?


I tried googling but i couldn't seem to find an answer so i thought i would ask here.


Thanks a lot in advance!

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That is a good question. I would not risk it. there is a possibility that they record your IP and perhaps deactivate your present final cut pro. you never know what back doors code they have inserted in the program and if they see serial numner is in their bad list table, they can do that. I am not sure this will happen, but it is possible. a muti billion dollar comapny does not come and knock on your door to get you for a program. does not worth their time, but this (above trick), is a simple code tney can insert in their programs and wait for the servers to do it automatically. it is unlikely but possible. i have seen other software that did this. they deactivated the software remotely. by the way final cut is a great program. i like it better than premiere.

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