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Arjan Singh

Install Niresh with PC Already running Win 8


I built a hackintosh compatible pc,but my bootable drive didn't work after many trys on a random persons mac . (I don't own a mac so creating a mac install was a pain) so I gave up and installed windows 8 after months of planning. I came across niresh and read on another forum it is possible to install the niresh distro on computer already running win. My original tries were on unibeast but I came across niresh, so why not give it a shot! I'm really new to this so please bear with me and help! :(


- CPU ( Intel Core i5 4670k )
- Graphic Card (Asus GTX 760 2gb gddr5)
- MotherBoard (Gigabyte GA-UD3H Z87)

- RAM (Corsair Vengeance Pro 8gb)
- Ethernet (on board)
- Audio Card (-)


(p.s this is mean't to be a dual boot pc on the same hdd, but I do have an external WD My passport 500 gb external hardrive.)

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