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Bill Rabishaw

Alienware 17 r5 Tutorial

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Hey All,


My config:


Alienware 17

i7 4800qm

780m GTX

16 GB Ram

BCM43xx Wifi

Killer e2200 Network Card


Worked with a friend of mine and got my Alienware up and running with Niresh 10.9 almost perfectly so I thought I would share the tut we have:


1.  Obviously get Niresh 10.9 dmg and use your favorite method to get it on USB

2.  In the Bios, Legacy boot must be enabled

3.  Boot from the USB drive

4.  At boot type "xpcm-free -v" without quotes and press Enter

5.  Click on the HDD you are going to install OSX on and click Customize (you may have to format the hdd with disk utilities first.  I would recommend making 2 partitions, 1 main and one you can make a backup on)

6.  Uncheck "Install Network Drivers (kexts)"

7.  Click arrow "Graphics" > uncheck GraphicsEnabler=Yes and check Backup Graphics Kexts

8.  Click arrow "FakeSMC and Plugins" > Arros "FakeSMC Plugins" Check CPU, LPC and GPU Sensors

9.  Click Arros "Laptop Drivers"  Check "Enable Battery Percentage"

10.  Clike OK then Install. 

11.  While it's installing, download these files and put them on a usb:

12. Go through the process, when it reboots don't boot from USB and then go through the setup, create profile, etc.

13.  Once into OSX, it is still not done, Let the Niresh installer do it's thing and repair the permissions (may take a little while)

14.  After it is all done, reboot

15.  When you get back into OSX, copy all of the texts from the file you downloaded onto the desktop and then run kextbeast to install them

16.  Reboot

17.  Install the Webdriver File (this is the Nvidia OSX drivers) and reboot

18.  This time, on boot, you MUST have your laptop plugged into an external display via hdmi otherwise you will just get a black screen.  Once you are back into OSX, you can unplug from the external monitor and just use your laptop display.


That is it, you now have an (almost) fully functional hackintosh with working wifi, ethernet and sound via speakers.


2 bugs that I have never worked out is that I cannot get Audio over hdmi and that on boot you need to be plugged into an external monitor or you will just get a black screen on your laptop monitor.


I cannot take much credit for this other than sharing.  My buddy had a youtube vid showcasing this and it has been taken down and I haven't talked to him for months so I don't want to mention him by name but he deserves the biggest majority of the credit.


I can't remember where I got the BCM kext or I would link to it.  If it is yours, or you know who created it, please let me know and I'll credit it here.


The Killer E2200 kext, I got from gamester3333 over on TonyMac--thank you sir!


If anyone has any input on the 2 remaining bugs I have, I would greatly appreciate your assistance!


If this is in the wrong section mods, please move it!



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About the hdmi Audio there is a box somewhere in the chameleon wizard that you have to check

Nope doesn't work, tried that already...... :(  It is a real shame because it's really the only thing that is stopping me from using OSX full time.....

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Just wanted to thank you for the guide - was able to get me AW17 up and running at 10.9 following your guide. Mine is a 4900mq/16GB/780m config with the 120hz screen.

I was wondering if you updated to 10.9.4 on your hack or did you leave it at 10.9.0. Im wondering because I planned to use FCPX on here and it seems that i might HAVE to run 10.9.4 to be able to run the most current version of the software. I tried to update via Software update and have been unable to get back into the system no matter what combination of boot flags I tried. Should I just say screw it, nuke the installation and start fresh - simply leaving it at 10.9.0? Or were you able to get to 10.9.4 without an issue?

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