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Luke Lawler

Panic at setup (not install)?

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Hello, so I installed Niresh Mavericks and it crashes during the setup with text coming down from the top. It says

panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff7f8158ccc9): No HPEIs available...CPU(s) configured incorrectly

It installed through the installation but its crashing during the computer setup! It won't even let me get to the operating system! And at the end, it says

System uptime in nanoseconds: 90439020111

My specs:

AMD Athlon X4 750K

MSI FM2 A75 MA E35

MSI Radeon R7 260X OC


And I used Niresh to install as it supported AMD processors, but it won't work!|

amd -v: gets stuck, says "press any key to continue" and when I do, it goes back to the bootloader.

-amd -v: crashes

-v: crashes


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Ok, so I got past the panic and its working, but the graphics are abysmal.
It detects my card as a 5 MB VRAM card, and runs at a funny resolution of 1280x1024 (and my monitor only supports 1440x900). I read and saw that the R7 260X is unsupported by OS X, but is there any way I can at least bring it back to 1440x900?

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    • Oh, thank you but in the meantime I thought again and have installed High Sierra instead. It works just fine, put a camera, bluetooth, wifi, all working OK. I only have to solve a little problem when doing restart it freezes but after shutdown it comes up good! I have also Win7 on same mbr disk and I start with the installation usb but I think go over to EasyBCD to make a smoother boot. If your experienced I would appreciate very much any hints for helping me in this direction. 
    • Hello people!😃   I am new to the hackintosh community. I have a old pc at my home running windows 10 pro. Its a Pentium Dual Core 1.6ghz Processor. A 250mb intel HD i-gpu. (No dedicated Graphics card). A 2gb DDR2 ram. 160gb HDD.   Can i install any mac distro on it ?   I don't want to edit videos on it. I just want to start hackintoshing from this, than my laptop & than my friends laptop. Untill i master this art ☺.   Thank you.
    • Hello people! I am new to the hackintosh community. I have a old pc at my home running windows 10. It has a Pentium dual core 1.6ghz processor. A 250mb intel HD igpu. A 2gb ddr2 ram. Can i install any mac distro on it ?   Thank you.  
    • Hi, i am struggling with installation telling me that it needs less than one minute for eternity. in log it shows that "./postinstall: Using AMD Bronya Kernel" process is running, but 4 hours is too long for "Less than a minute" don't you think ;).    Please help me, i tried to install Mac OS on Intel and AMD processor PC, same problem.  
    • Hola, generalmente se postea en ingles.   Podrias dejar las especificaciones de tu tarjeta madre, por ejemplo: RAM PROCESADOR GPU ETC   Ademas de los componentes que tienes instalados... tengo una pregunta para ti.   Ya comprobaste la compatibilidad de tu ordenador con el sistema operativo?
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