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Windwos 8.1 & Yosemite Dualboot different Disk
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Hi everyone


I have success installed Yosemite 10.10 DP1 using MacPwn tool. Everything work fine except I have to use Yosemite USB installer to boot to Yosemite.


I have tried to install Clover 2k but boot system seem not recognize Yosemite, it's only boot to Windows 8.1


Here is my system info


Corei3 ivy

8G ram corsair vegeance

Disk 1: SSD sandisk 128g (1 partition installed Windows 8.1) (GPT).

Disk 2: WCD500G (2 partition, one for Yosemite and one NTFS) (GPT).

Boot: UEFI


I have read some tutorial about dualboot but Windows 8.1 and Mac is on the same disk, please help me.


Sorry for my bad english.




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