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After installing Niresh Maverick 10.9.0 stuck at "Login" screen
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Hello, at first I was not able to install it on my PC (Gigabyte,Intel,Nvidia hardware) because mouse and keyborad wont work during install.


So I installed it on my DELL Inspiron 5520 laptop, and now after installing it im stuck at I think log on screen.


How to fix this?






I tried this video, 

and downloaded Extra folder, tried to replace them and got Kernel Panic which I can not fix via terminal because i dont have that Folder (probbably because mac is not installed.) and tired to just add new files from Extra folder from youtube to existing one on USB, also gives me a kernel panic.


Can't get it working on my Dell and pc :(

please help me, i will donate to you

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Now I bought Lenovo G500, stuck on installation.... How bad luck i am?

3 devices, 3 fails...

tried Mavericks from your site and OSX-10.8.5 .... so much fail. please help me

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