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Eddie Lynn

Assistance with installtion


Hi there, I keep getting the error: Bug: launchcti.c:2406

I was told this was relevant to my systems Graphics Card, Any ideas here?


Operating System(Primary): Ubuntu 14.04 "Trusty" (x86_64)

Processor: AMD E1-1200 APU With Readeon HD Graphics x2

Memory: 4 GB (DDR3 x2)

Graphics Card: Readeon HD 7310

Dual Booted: Yes (Windows 8.1 Industy Professional) !GRUB!
Steps Tried

I've tried numerous flags such as "Kernel Cache"=amd arch=i386 -v (Successful.. Until I ran into the error mentioned above..)

IGPEnabler=Yes -v (Nothing different in result)

-Legacy (Rapid loading Apple splashscreen.. Seems to have resulted in no access to the DVD's Root(Yes.. I am trying the DVD method. The USB didn't work due to my computers booting support)

Anybody else here have a alternate solution?  O.o I'm out of ideas


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@Eddie Lynn mountain lion doesn't need kernel cache flag

just enter the kernel name as amd

are you stuck before or after the installation ?

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So far, this is post-installation where I'm getting stuck.. The only way I successfully arrived to the point where bug: launchcti.c:2406 was displayed by using the command "Kernel Cache"=amd arch=i386 -v from the "Read Me" included with the release I downloaded(Niresh12495-Lion-10.7.3,V2 Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum area.. I'm a Power User at computers.. But, very new to this type of method. Please move post if incorrectly placed.. This was posted at 4:00 AM Wasn't much a thinker at that time).

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Hi..can someone help me?I manage to install Mountain Lion after boot...from my hard final part of installation..I'm not an expert...what I should do?Thanks Nyresh...

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