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Broken Gigabyte motherboard, change to Asus?


I've got a hackintosh wich was been working for a year, but know it seams to have a motherboard problem and I've to replace it and I don't know if continue with Gigabyte or change to Asus. I've read that this last years gigabyte motherboars hasn't gone very well because they break in months. 

So shoud I change to Asus motherboard?
If yes wich one, need LGA 1155 socket and mATX format?

My components:
Motherboard: GA-B75M-D3P (broken)
CPU: i5-3350P (LGA 1155 socket)
GPU: Asus GT610
Case: Fractal Desing Core 1000 (mATX)
HD1: WD 1TB (Windows and data)
HD2: Maxtor 160GB (osX-Niresh-Mavericks)

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