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Luc Wijns

Keyboard and mouse not working after clover installation and bios update


hi guys,


I finally managed to install hackintosh on my amd machine, then i figured i also wanted windows 8 back so installed that on a other hard drive.

then i tought it would be handy to get a bootloader so after installing clover trew mac and a bios update (because there was a new one) my keyboard and mouse are not working.


my specs are:


AMD FX-8350 

AMD ATI Radeon HD 4850

Biostar TA-990FXE 


1ssd with mac

1hdd with windows


Mac version 10.9

windows 8.1 pro 


and clover as bootloader


help would be much appreciated as i do not like to start from scratch again >.< 


sorry for the bad english   ;)




EDIT: The mouse and keyboard do work in windows and bios and clover just no in mac 


EDIT: allright i made it work with USBBusFix=Yes for anyone who would like to know sorry about the topic, you can close it or something haha

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