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GeForce 9300GE and black screen


Hi !

My hackintosh is working fine, except for the graphics card.


Here are the GPUs I have now :

 - 7300GT

 - 7300LE

 - 9300GE (G98 chip)

 - The integrated GeForce 7100

 - A stock 8800GT (but the heat is just huge)


First, what GPU would be the best ? (I can buy others if it would be simpler)


For the installation, I used a 7300GT, because it worked without problem.

But currently, I don't have full resolution and no QE/CI (no accelerated graphics).


The nVidia GeForce 9300GE is more recent, so I think it would be simpler to use it.

So I first tried with stock nVidia drivers, but just before reaching the GUI (maybe two seconds after the "NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered" message), I get a black screen (no signal on all outputs). (and the hard drive stops making noise)


I tried these kexts (the 8400gs v2.0 have the G98 too) but no success.


In org.boot.chameleon.plist, I tried with GraphicsEnbaler on or off.


Any idea ?

Thanks in advance !





- CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo

- Graphic Card : to be chosen

- Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H (nForce 630i / GeForce 7100 integrated graphics)

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Ok, The problem is solved. I just had to update OSX to the last version using the combo update.


Acceleration and full resolution are fully supported using apple unmodified drivers and an injector.

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I just checked with a nVidia GeForce 8800 GT, but nothing more : still the black screen on all outputs.


Thanks in advance 

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Ok, now it work much better !


I tried lot of injectors but only one worked : NVInject  :D


I have now the full resolution and my 9300GE with its VRAM are recognized.

But... I have, for the moment, no graphic acceleration. The are some artifacts too on the screen.


How can I solve this ?


Thanks in advance



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Unfortunately I dont have a solution for you but I can share my experience. I was messing with an nForce system initially and was getting good results but was also encountering the black screen issue that loads of people seem to be getting. I have temporarily killed the nForce mb so shifted my OSX86 quest on to another system, fortunately its a bit more suited to being a hackintosh. I'm using an 8800GT and I'm still getting the black screen (sometimes).  With Niresh 10.9.0 I can get full acceleration but only if I change the cards bios to a Quadro FX 3700 one; thats using the NVDA4All driver. I had some success when using the 8800GT bios when I was trying out adding an EFI string to chameleon. The last NVDA4All driver I used was version 2.3 for 10.9.4. Just to add I did get the system updated to 10.9.4 and had full acceleration but for some reason I could only update via appstore/system update, the combo installer always freaked out on me (actually quite a few installers have gave me problems). Now that apple have released the 10.9.5 update I'm stuck with graphical issues again lol.


I was using NVInject for a while but only got resolution options back, no acceleration and the screen tearing was doing my head in so I moved away from that solution.  Something kept telling me that the black screen issue is something to do with the card trying to set a strange mode. One reason being I could hear the sound of things going on while I was at the black screen, so the system was still running. I raked out some different monitors, none of them support particularly high settings, one can do 1600x1200 at some seriously low refresh but I was more looking for what the monitors would report back (if anything). A few Lenovo screens I tried did nothing other than going into stand by but a BenQ monitor reported back an unsupported mode, cannot sync message. Thats as far as I got investigating that but it let me know the graphics card was outputting something.


With getting graphics to work being somewhat hit and miss Ive changed my approach a little. Now I'm thinking, get 10.9.0 running with acceleration. Then add the card to the dsdt, then update .... and see what happens. :)


I'll add that I am a super noob in anything mac related. This is my learning experience. I'm still having issues trying to diagnose problems, but hey, getting there. :)


If you get up and running I'd love to know what methods you tried out.

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Something kept telling me that the black screen issue is something to do with the card trying to set a strange mode. One reason being I could hear the sound of things going on while I was at the black screen, so the system was still running.


In my case, my system stops running because the hard drive stops immediately to make noises.

I think this problem is nForce related, because I have a friend who has the same problem with a 8800GT.


We are trying currently to inject by hand properties in Nvidia drivers.


Any idea ?

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Ok, we tried to use the <device-properties> key in the boot.plist using the OSX86Tools generator and I was able to reach to full resolution and have the card name in "About my Mac", without NVInject. :)  But still no acceleration...


Idea ? 

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