[Success] Mavericks 10.9.3 : AMD FX8320 , Asus M5A97 R2.0, Sapphire HD7850 1GB DDR5, ALC 887 - Mavericks - Hackintosh Zone Jump to content

[Success] Mavericks 10.9.3 : AMD FX8320 , Asus M5A97 R2.0, Sapphire HD7850 1GB DDR5, ALC 887

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rainmaker3    7

I started with the standard Niresh Mavericks 10.9.0 installation with the amdfx kernel. I had the 10.9.0 version for a while but the graphics were a bit laggy. I had kept the original kexts with the edited info.plist to include the 0x68191002 address. Booted with boot flags : npci=0x2000 , GE=No. No iCloud, but the rest of them worked. I got the sound working with voodoohda, no lag or crackling whatsoever, no matter the midi configuration. I updated the Chameleon Bootloader to the latest version as well.


After the combo update to 10.9.3 things got a bit weird. I used the latest bronya kernel for Mavericks and copied the AppleMatch, System and Sandbox kexts from the 10.9.0 installation. The system booted up in safe mode only. I had to revert the IOHIDFamily, IOPCIFamily and AppleACPIPlatform kexts through safe mode. I later found out that you can first do the 10.9.1 update and keep the kexts from that installation which might be newer (hence better). I also ran myHack to remove problematic kexts and repair permissions. I also ran the AMD Install Helper later, which didn't really change anything. Now it runs with the original graphics kexts, no problem. I still have the GE=No boot flag, but it runs amazingly well! I even played Tomb Raider on high graphics!


No DSDT editing needed and I installed a random SMBios from Chameleon Wizard.

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