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Nathan Ring

dell 15r se 7520 unable to get to installation


Hello all.  I have been trying to figure out why i can not get the installation of niresh 10.9 to run on my dell 15r se 7520.


I have the niresh OS-Mavericks.dmg which i put on a usb drive using the windows program recommended in the guide. 


Everytime i try to boot into installation about 30 seconds/1 minute in  the grey screen telling me to turn off my pc taunts me.  I booted the usb using -v to see what was happening, appears there is a hang for a few seconds at bootCacheControl:Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 No such file or directory,      Eventually get past that to hang at [agpm Controller] unknown platform, it list this twice then goes to screen telling me to turn off my PC.  Booting with -x returns same result.   


I've been googling for hours and have no luck finding how to correct this.  I keep reading how people have installed niresh 10.9 on this laptop, and i would LOVE to do the same.


Laptop specs are

CPU - Intel Core i7 3632QM Ivy bridge
Main board - Intel HM77

Video - Intel HD 4000 / AMD Radeon HD 7730M



Im stuck and cant figure out what to do.   Any advice?

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So I've been at this for about 12 hours and still can not get past agpm controller.  Done a lot of stuff i read and nothing seems to work.


so i took some pics so maybe someone will help me


so this is what i see



before this happens



As I said i read through many possible fixes, none have worked i must be doing something wrong.  


From what i have read< i think that the AppleIntelHD.kext is what is causing the kernal panic, and this can be corrected by moving some kexts around in single user mode.  But i have no luck at all getting write access.  Did this for a few hours and im just stumped and frustrated why i cant get it to work.


Boot using -s


see this



the fsck -fy command seems to be ok, but when i type   the command mount -uw /       i get this this




I can not move any kexts do to be locked still



what can i do?   Please help.  I am trying to figure this out, and need some pointers


Thank you

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I can not get to the installer.  When I boot up the usb installer it panics at agpm controller.   Spent last few days googling around and can't seem to get it work.  


Tried a few different distros, all hang at agpm controller.  From what i have read i think that has to do with my video card, and it causing problems.


I;m stuck and pretty bummed out :(

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