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Dikran Poladian

Pentium G3258, ANY SUCCESS?

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So I'm trying to get maverick running on this awesome CPU, I've had full success with Mountain Lion 10.8.5 but no go on Maverick.


Did allot of reading, tried a whole lot of stuff. XCMP Free Kernels, patched AppleACPIPlatform.kext  and  Apple Intel CPU PowerManagement Kext, etc etc etc...


Wondering if anyone has had any success with this CPU.


The rig is:

Pentium G3258


8GB  Kingston HyperX Genesis 1600Mhz Kit

OCZ Vertex 3 120GB

Sapphire HD 5770 Video card. 



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After much reading and searching I have discovered that it is unfortunately unsupported by 10.9 (and later probably). Running Mavericks was more for kicks that anything else anyways.  I feel that Fundamentally OSX hasn't evolved much since Snow Leopard. The CPU runs super great on ML. (i'm using Niresh's 10.8.5 distro)
The system is used as a HTPC plus for Audio interfaces/DJ controllers to which all run better under ML anyways. 
The CPU is great, I'm running it at 4.4.Ghz (it could run it at at least 4.5 but the ventilation of the G4 case I used is not the best plus I had to stick to the stock cooler to make it all fit) I'll eventually replace it with a low Profile CPU cooler when I come across one I like at a reasonable price.
I do recommend a gigabyte z87 or z97 board. (I tried it on an H81 board and couldn't get past 4.2) I'm also a system builder and strongly recommend gigabyte both for quality and OSX compatibility.
One thing to be mentioned is I currently only have 3 P-States 8/32/44 not the end of the world.  I'm sure more would be possible through tweaking but I don't have the time for it right now. My Priority was to get it running as the old machine it has replaced was old and time to be retired.
Anyways Hope this is all helpful.
P.S. Here are some pics of the final product.

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