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boot0: error after working fine + dosent recognize my os x install partiton
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hi all , if i came to actually write something and not just deeply search the net you can guess im desperate . 

im a graphic designer and must have this thing to work , anyone who gives me a solution will get a logo or something of his choice . 


my specs in general are this :

intel core i5 3470 ivy bridge socket 1155 lga

gigabyte B75m-D3H

seagate 1 tb

8 gb ram

nvidia 660gtx

seasonic psu 


as for the problem :

ive installed a new psu and before that for one month mavericks worked great , sound graphic card everything . 


but after the new psu i suddenly got the boot0 : error ( but one line of code not with the rest just "boot0 : error" and nothing else).

the boot0 comes just after the bios screen before the boot menu .

then ive booted from the usb install of os x mavericks and the partition which i installed the os x doesn't appear .

also in disk utility i cant find it . 

i typed "diskutil" list in terminal and also its not showing .

everything else is showing except the partition which i installed the os on it .


ive managed to boot into windows succesfully and saw in a easeUS partiton master that the partition which i installed the os x is allocated . 


have no idea what to do , i cant use the regular boot0 solution since i cant find the partiton.


hopefully it will end today thanks a lot.

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