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Acer Aspire Ax3400G-U4802 Ethernet And Graphics Issues

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I m having internet issues on this amd system-so far I ve tried multibeast 6.0.1 installing all ethernet drivers as well as the nForce LAN.kext but cant get internet to work.I m new to hackintosh but my ethernet device in linux is listed as,,,,,,,mcp77-vendor-nvidia rev graphics are horrible,very choppy and sluggish and when I open launchpad it freezes the screen and takes forever to load,,,,,upon installation I chose GraphicsEnabler=no because if I chose yes after the apple logo it would click to no signal on the monitor.I also removed the nvidia hexts as well....I ve tried the geforce kext for mavericks but it doesnt graphics is listed in linux as Geforce 8200 rev vendor:nvidia corporation c77 in linux,but on system specs is called Nvidia geforce 9200 chipset ....can anyone please help me with the right kexts for these 2 issues so that i may fix them and instruction s as to install them or what to remove before i install them?//?thank you very much in advance....I had this same issue in 10.8.2 hoping in 10.9 it wouldnt be there.....UPDATE: Im a noob to the hackintosh world although not to linux and windows.I have spent a total of 5 days on this system here with no luck on getting internet or graphics straightened out.......Ive come to the conclusion that maybe the amd/nvidia side of this is utter shit.....i did download the 10.9.1 nvidia kernel but have no clue as to how to switch it with the kernel installed.Can anyone for the life of me give me help on either straightening this stupid ass graphic/ethernet issue out or tell me how to switch kernels........I think I m about to put my foot thru amd fucking hackintosh....I have got the ethernet recognized by the nforce driver but im getting a bad ip address and subnet.subnet is and the ip i cant remember but starts with 169....when i click renew it stays at a 169 i cannot connect,,even if i restart.I beg of you for the love of gods help me with this retarded shit.....Thank you


@:::::with all due respect this computer isn't in my home I ve been going there during days,its my father s so I can't get the dev and vendor id right now however today I took the cover off and the chip is for graphics_realtek RTL8211cl  and I've noticed nvidia mcp77 also if that can help me in anyway...........Ive given up on nvidia so I purchased an mdi radeon hd6450 graphics card same as the one i run thinking we d defeat the graphics issue...Of course mine works great his does not but dif hardware I understand so I ll get that fixed I d really love somehow to get his ethernet working....As Ive stated I can get a driver to recognize the ethernet but it gives bad ip s and subnets so no connection to the internet whatsoever


UPDATE:Im giving up on the onboard Ethernet connection as well----I have ordered an Ethernet card and wondering if anyone can tell me if this card will be compatibile..I ve looked along google and cant find this particular card but it is HIRO H50218

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@- I installed an msi radeon hd 6450 graphics card...once installed my graphics are perfect but after your permissions repair the icons in launchpad turn pink ,when i reboot I'm stuck at a white screen...any ideas?

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try to update dynamic shared cache after installing kext caches


open terminal


sudo update_dyld_shared_cache 


then press enter

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    • A Question!   Does it work when i disable my Intel Graphic Card via Windows 10 Device Manager?  @Niresh @Niresh   Forget about my last Post! I used a config.plist from And it worked! I will try to Install it!
    • Here is a video of me booting using the command "-v". Video:
    • at what point do i take the picture? There is a lot of text displayed, so i'm not sure when I take the picture (or should I just take a video of the whole thing?)   Also, I tried booting in verbose mode before, and i got a grey screen and it stayed on that screen
    • Hello,
      I have a laptop MSI GX70. Installed High Sierra a few days ago. Configuration of my laptop is:
      AMD A10-5750M CPU with integrated iGPU AMD 8650G (0x990B1002)
      Discrete AMD 8970M graphics card (0x68011002)
      8 gb RAM The big problem for me for now is to configure any of graphics card's my laptop has.  What I tried already:
      For now I'm successfully booting using config.plist with injectATI. Seems to be both graphics adapters don't exist in system kexts. So, I modified AMD7000Controller.kext and changed there 0x68101002 (AMD Radeon R9 270X, AMD FirePro D300, AMD Radeon R9 M290X) to 0x68011002 and placed modified kext using Kext Utility. While booted into Clover, I used Deinit for iGPU and Inject ATI for 0x68011002. So, for now I have a line with AMD 8970M at about my Mac window, but picture quality is still poor so it seems to be all the same, it doesn't work.
      Then I tried to do same things for iGPU - AMD 8650G. Modified kext AMD4800Controller.kext. Changed 0x944A1002 (AMD Mobility Radeon HD 4850) to my 0x990B1002. Inject ATI for iGPU - x990B1002 and Deinit for discrete. Same situation, poor quality picture, but unknown card at about my Mac window, "Display 7MB"). Also compiled DSDT, tried to disable discrete card, but may be I was wrong here - still no results. I'm newbie. Is it possible to get discrete card working? And if not, integrated? Please, help. I really have no idea already.
      Thank you!
    • thats a First gen i5 (the i5 650) but the APU? i'll give Sierra a try.  the last intel system i dug out one of the oddball Dual Core Pentiums,  the Legacy boot installer menu for Chamelion just halts w/ " :" or "/" mid"spin" i'll update w/ screenshots in alil while (i'll grab Sierra and while the USB stick's being written to going to get dinner here started as its atm of this post, 6:24PM EST)
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