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Black screen after a successful installation




I installed 10.9 from scratch, got a "successfully installed" notification,

but after the first reboot my screen goes black after a couple of seconds of the apple logo grey screen.


I've looked everywhere for a solution as this might be my graphics card,

but i couldn't really understand how to apply, as this is my first time (be gentle...).


can you please help/direct me?


i have:

motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965p-DS4, 4gb memory

card: Nvidia 8500gt

wd 500 gb


thanks for helping 


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thank you so much for helping!


i managed to log in on the 3rd time, waited nicely for the OS to finish defining, installed kexts,

but on the first reboot i want back to black or to this (which i also got on the first 2 times)


screen looks like this when i try to go in single mode:



can you still save me?



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I managed uploading!

Can anyone help with what to do next?

How do I recover the kexts from backup,

And not lose everything on the first reboot like last time?

Seems like a delicate situation...

Thanks whoever helps

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