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impossible to prepare the USB key


I downloaded the Yosemite-zone.dmg files, and restore yosemite.pkg, but when I start restoring it only takes a few seconds.

I get the message "successfully created" but in fact it's empty. Anyway, it is impossible that it was able to copy 5 go in 15 seconds on a usb2.


Have you encountered this problem and how can I solve it ?


thank you !



info : i'm actually with maverick 10,9,5

cpu 2,81 ghz intel core i7

ram 12 go 1336 ddr3

clé usb 16 Go 

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For imformation, i just try to download (torrent) a second time the dmg and it's same result.

So i have tested the dmg (in windows) with dmg2img and the result is "dmg is corrupt"


is your dmg ok with your download ?


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