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Felipe Cintron

Fresh install problems (pci hang)


I was running Mavericks for a while and i got an error that everyone said i just needed to re-install. so i figured let's give Yosemite a try.

usb boot went flawless (following this site's guide)  i din't even have to add any boot flags to the usb boot.

however after the install At the detect pci it just hung.

i tried tons of different thigns. finally got past it by using -v -x -F  (-v -x would not get past it)

all 3 monitors lit up everything worked but i was in "safe mode"

i screwed arround with the plist file and removed the npci=0x3000
npci=0x2000  strings

i noticed it detected 2 things and just stopped dead cold.  -v -x works to get in.

motherboard: Gigabyte z87x-ud3h-cf   cpu i5 4670
video:  2x Nvidia gtx 770 (sli)

any help would be appreciated.   i can get in the system but have to edit manually the the boot file.   but only in safe mode.

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