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Gateway sx2800 - 01c Report (Help needed)


-CPU (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.49Ghz) Problem explained further

-Graphic Card by exact name (nVidia GT 430) Working
- MotherBoard Chipset (Working)
- Wlan (TP-Link WN725N) Working with original files

- Ethernet (Working) 
- Audio Card (Working )

-APPStore IMSG FaceTime---Not Working




Hello I have a Gateway Sx2800-01c in previous niresh dmg tutorials I followed everything worked perfectly (Audio,internet and graphics) just with the use of this bootflag @ instalation time : USBBusFix=Yes -x -v   ...


SOLUTIONS:  So I formated the partition and started from 0 here , Installed Yosemite 10.10 Zone  and installed everything without any bootflag , that lead me to booting error . So now every time I boot up I Insert this bootflag :/     USBBusFix=Yes -f      it seems to be the only bootflag that boots up the system.  



Now Ive managed to get Ethernet,graphics,Audio I used these :


- All in one Network Solution in Downloads Session / Network/


- Graphics Kext... I found in another website i have Nvidia gt430 here is the link to it: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nhu1blx1g6v5qv1/AADfNZjdqbR9OlWgBk0eXeX7a?dl=0    (AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.Kext)   installed it with Kext Wizard that comes Pre-Installed ...         


- Audio I used the All in one Audio Solution + ALC662(10.9.4) in download session /Audio/



PROBLEMs : -this is a Core 2 Quad .. but in System Report it say this :    Number of Processors: 1      1? isnt it supposed to be 2 here?

                                                                                                                    Total Number of Cores: 4

                      -Appstore,Imsg,Facetime,Icloud NotWorking


Looking forward for this amazing Hackintosh machine I am using everyday.

cheers To ALL DEVS IN HERE!!


and if someone foinds a solution for CPu plz post it in here it could help other Gateway Owners 

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