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Yosemite distro ok on P5B Deluxe, but start only with -f -v boot flags



After some weeks with no success on my Asus P5B Deluxe mobo, the Niresh distro install was a real success and saved my life !!! Thank you so !


The only issue (at this time) is I can't boot without these flag argues : -f -v


If I start without flags, the booting process stops at these lines :


"USBF:     1.350    EHCI controller unable to take control from BIOS

 USBF:     1.351    AppleUSBEHCI : :  unable to obtain ownership:  0xe00002be

 USBF:     1.351    AppleUSBEHCI : :UIMInitialize - Error occured (0xe00002be)"


Well, do you think I can try some modif to resolve this problem ?.. After some hours of research and tests : no way !


Thanks for all for any suggestion.

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Yessss ! That's it !

Now the boot is ok. Thank you very much !


An other issue (concerning the built-in firewire port) I didn't see... but I've opened a new topic for that.

Thanks again, your the best, man !

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