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[Guide][10.9] Enable Hd4000 Vga


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HDMI port it's also working, but i think without Audio, but i don't need it.

PS: I think the TV image it's kinda redish (Sorry for the mess in the picture :P )


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Hi man,Thanx for good guide, but I have problem with last step (Clover Configurator Setup) so I would appreciated if someone could help me with this :)I have this configuration:Core i5 4670 (with HD4600 integrated graphic)


Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3


16 GB of DDR 1600 MHz (KingstonX, 2 modules a.k.a. 2 pack of 8 GB each)


Seagate Barracuda 2 TB (OS X is on 500 GB partition, and I have one more partition for documents etc. the rest of HDD space is for Windows 7 when I eventually install it)


One SSD 120 GB (Samsung EVO 840 120 GB)


And MSi Geforce GTX 660 (i could not install with this card, so I used integrated graphic from processor and after I will install the GTX 660 as soon as I start Multibeast 6)Soo..my problem is when I used the config.plist (that you kindly gave us) and restarted It took me to some gray menu where the flame of Niresh font glazed my eyes ;) and in the middle there was a picture of my HDD OS X drive).I clicked on picture of my OS X HDD drive, and then the apple logo (sliced) appeared and the loading took forever a.k.a. the spinning wheel under the apple logo stucked in endless spinning...So my question is. Can I use the same config.plist that you used, or should I make my own specification?If that is the case, I am a novice in Apple distros/clover instalation/setup so I do not know what option should I check or uncheck, so if there is some kind and gentle soul who could help me to install Clover on my HDD, so I dont use any more of this USB for booting, I would appreciate it very very much :)Peace be with all you great people, and happy New year! :)And thanks to Niresh and his crew, for making this OS X thing possible on our computers ;)

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you can create your own ,and  NVIDIA + Intel is use GraphicsEnabler=No and IGPEnabler=Yes simultaneously

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