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Miłosz Marecki

"application quits unexpectedly" Problem Help


Hi, I install Yosemite on my PC specs:
AMD FX 8150 8x4,2GHz


16 GB ram

Asus GeForce GTX650


My problem is open many applications  to example "uTorrent" when i open the app pops up an error:



I installed the system again but it did not help


Please Help Me!

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Can one of you check my forum topic "Mac OSX Yosemite Hackinstosh Installation error and answer that if you can?

Btw, I'm pretty sure your problem can be solved by installing the Mac version of the program

Your welcome

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Mac version? And They are installing what? DOS version? Windows version. Maybe android version? Of course that they are installing MAC Version. I have this problem too. I got a feeling like no one cares here about that problem and it's more important than 123456 topics about how to boot up yosemite installation or boot up system, because when you do your research well you will get this working... Comparing to this. I just can't find any solution anywhere...

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