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Michael Landon

Instant reboot fx-8350.


First, excuse my English, I am using google translator. Could someone help me? Appears when the screen to put the "Flags", put " Amdfx" because my processor is a fx 8350, but the pc restarts. Searched the bios of my motherboard options "HPET" "Executive Disable Bit" "Virtualization Technology" "UEFI". But none of them exist for me. What can I do? Formerly a time ago managed to install the Mavericks normally now I'm in trouble with the Yosemite. Thank you very much.

M5a78l-le Asus
Memory 8 GB Vegeance


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you talking about after installation or before?



it should be


you can add also

npci=0x2000 cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No

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