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Bhavesh Jogadia

Ethernet not Working Please Help !!!

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I installed Yosemite zone distro successfully. after the system reboots for first time on desktop Ethernet works great the moment after the hackintosh configuration starts (repairing permissions updating cache etc) then it asks for app store and icloud fix i tried both Fix It and cancell after each fresh install.
then when the configuration completes its asks to restart. till time i restart the machine for second time ethernet works fine.
but after the second reboot the Ethernet does not work.
In system preferences the network interfaces shows blank when i try to add a new connection it only show VPN PPPoE and 6 to 2.

I tried to re-install the Ethernet Kext with almost all solution provide on the internet like AIOethernet solution EFIstudio multibeast.

none of them got me Ethernet back in working condition every time the network intherface shows Blank.

My Ethernet work great with all other distros of Leo SL L ML Mav But not Yos

i Think when the auto hackintosh zone configuration starts that mess up my Ethernet. 

please Help!!

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i have the same problem actually, mavericks works fine. network is a "Artheros AR8151" on a "ASRock 870 Extreme3 R2.0" motherboard.

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Well, never mind, 10.10.1 does the opposite, starts without network, but after reboot gives me network, and keeps working... which i guess is an improvement :D thanx for the help anyway

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