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Yosemite Zone [Naresh] Amd with gigabyte chipset Installation Error


i tried installing yosemite zone [Naresh] Amd with gigabyte chipset...i setup all the bios settings and when i boot from usb to install on a new pc on first it didnt boot up then i used flag "/amd" so it booted up finally and with no problem at all ..then onto disk utility formatted the drive 80gb with mac os extened and then  what next....everything went smoothly till now i didnt changed anything while in customising panel so i prefered to install simply ......now the problem came afte 3 or 4 mins while installing it gave me errors i saved the whole log please lemme know..
here is the link to log 


My system 

processor amd

ram 2gb

hdd 500gb


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anyone please help me out i tried using other flags




still no luck each time it gives me error while installing :/

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i dont know how to check md5


my pc details as below

processor:- amd phenom 2 x6 1050t/1055t

board :- gigabyte(ga-880gm-ud2h)

memory:- 2gb ddr3

graphics:- ati radeon hd 4250 256mb

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