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Intel HD 2500 only 4mb memory


mohsin    0

Hello Guys,
I have been at it for a few days now. Tried many option and now I am about to give up.

I have a dell optiplex 3010 with Intel i3-3240 intel hd 2500 graphics

First I tried installing with the method on tonymac using the download from appstore (used a virtual machine) of yosemite but failed with the graphics

At the moment I have a yosemite installation using the yosemite zone image from hackintosh zone it boots fine but according to the about mac screen the display is only 4 MB and everything is laggy some time the top bars are not even displayed. I tried using the pjalm patch for hd2500 but than it did not boot. it got stuck at the apple logo with the loading bar. Checked with -v it was after it checks for bluetooth.

I also tried by adding this to the file in the /Extra folder but it didnt do anything.


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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xj600    0

Hi, I have a notebook dell whith intel hd 2500. I begining in hackintosh world a week ago. At this moment I boot whith GraphicsEnabler=No. Please tell me any avance in this treat.

I download multibeast and customize system definition ti Mac Mini. System boot and I see the desktop.

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