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Dell Studio XPS 1340, Black Screen


Here is my Dell Specs, see attached.



I could not find answers on this site, just a lot of questions it seems.  I installed Mavericks through VitualBox Mode ok, just really sluggish.  I decided to try the install direct to my blank hard drive.  I formatted a USB stick and did all the stuff per your video to install mavericks.  It installed fine, but upon reboot after the OS has installed it does some stuff for a while, then screen goes blank and that's it.


I have attached some specs if that helps, would like to get this to run, cause I'm thinking of buying a Mac, but ant to make sure transitioning from windows to mac is the right choice.  I'm thinking it must be a setting in the custom configuration setup, where you select options to install, and one seems to be hanging up my system.  Really weird that I got it to work in VM VitualBox mode.


rI am new to this stuff and not a programmer of an expert, just trying to learn and get good direction to make this work.





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