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Semi Mehmedovic

Hachintash zone Yosemite 10.10.1


This is my problem. I can't star Instalation on my PC Intel computer. I this case i use -v flag and i use another boot flag but i not have success.

My configuration is

Procesor : Haswell 3.0

MB Asus H81K-MGraphics

Graphics Card : ATI R7 240 1GB DDR5


Please Help me


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Your motherboard should work, but there are many possible combinations of bootflags, I would guess that you need one very important and that is GraphicsEnabler=No note where the letters are capitalised. Many bootflags are capitalised in strange patterns but must be so if they are going to work. After installation you may have a minor problem regarding bootloader installation but i am not quite sure about that, since your motherboard is not quite new.

But, the ethernet and Audio on your motherboard should not cause any problems.

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