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Can't boot into installer


qnatekzew    0

Hey guys I recently downloaded Niresh's Lion 10.7.3 v2 distro and I'm having trouble getting into the installer. I have tried multiple combinations of boot flags but I keep getting either a "Bug: launchctl.c:2406" error, a "PCI Configuration Begin" error, a "Memory Allocation" error, and a "System uptime in nanoseconds" error. Please help I've been trying to install OS X for days.



CPU: AMD FX-8350

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

GPU: AMD R9 270


I have set SATA modes to ACHI.


Please help.

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samkhp    0

i am install niresh mountain leon installation is completed now start my system after reboot can't boot




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ojira    3

First of all, use a newer version of OS X, I'm not even sure Niresh has included kernels for AMD in 10.7... 


Try getting Yosemite from the site, and booting with /v and /amd flag, Post pictures of where it hangs/kernel panics.

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