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Installation Stuck on Gray Screen with Apple Logo

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I'm trying to install latest released Yosemite hackintosh by on my Lenovo Y5070-C.


This is my system details:


- Intel Core i7 4710HQ 2.50GHz

- 16GB Ram DDR3


- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 4GB


So, I think my laptop supports it perfectly!


When I'm trying to boot the installation process of Yosemite hackintosh with /haswell command, a new gray screen with an Apple logo appears; This is not the problem! the problem is when the progress bar (below the Apple logo) stuck on the middle of loading the installation process!


Anyway, I tried to boot the installation with commands like -x and -v and other stuff. After entering these commands, my laptop just reboots instantly! The only command that doesn't cause any reboot, is /haswell which has the problem I mentioned.


BTW, I just followed this instruction:

And I exactly followed the rules. Before I begin this installation, I completely erased my HDD and I didn't even make any partition for it.


So... What should I do exactly? I need to install hackintosh badly! :(

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its graphics or iv seen in some cases wifi but try flags /haswell -x -f -v kext-dev-mode=1 GraphicsEnabler=1 might work im on i5 not sure how close they are but same family 

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@ Your the best! :)


Actually I tried flags /haswell -x and my problem finally solved! after entering the flag you mentioned, I finally relieved from the "progress bar stucking" issue; but I still stuck on the language choosing section.


Anyway, there is another problem, which I'm still don't know what to do! I've installed Hackintosh Zone perfectly; when I'm trying to boot it, there is another gray screen appears and this time, I have Hackintosh Zone logo in red and progress bar below it, which is stucking again!


Boot screen is somehow graphical and selective, so I can't really type anything in it. I can only choose how the OS boots; and trust me! I've chosen every single option, and every single of them has some issues! the only one that redirects me to that screen I mentioned is the simple boot!


Other boot options that I can choose are "Boot Verbose", "Boot Ignore Caches", "Boot Single User".


I appreciate if anyone can help me with this kind of situation :x

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iv got a modded version usb installer for my e6420 if u like i can send it to you some how to restore to usb pen all iv done when i say modded i mean added kext in installer for a few of my laptops and pc

and readded chemeleon and clover bootloaders tap 2 to boot chemeleon and clover default 

ps all credits to niresh still for all the stuff iv used 

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just thought you said you installed it ok in the end but now youhave the grey screen again when booting use the /haswell -v -f kext-dev-mode=1 -s

when at bash type what it say above like /sbin/ xxx/-fsck press enter then 2nd /sbin/xxx/ -rw then enter i think it is then type grafix backupall press enter reboot then retry without -s that should remove graphics kext and use the vesa graphics no gc/qi ect but once booted install the graphics ect you need and let nirsh scripts run at 1st boot till safari opens its self 

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try without the / just haswell if still same do you have windows or osx on the same comp that you can boot in to and drag drop the haswell kernel from usb to hdd then try boot 

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I tried, but it still doesn't find this kernel.


I don't have any OS on that comp. I completely format the HDD to try Yosemite on it.

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