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leopard g4 ppc


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EDIT. I need to update bios on target laptop, and as always its a windows exe file. target laptop runs debian.
so cant boot OS X for some reason. my eee pc boots the mavericks usb ( done that instead of yosemite as could use cli to set up usb ) but not target laptop Aspire v5-571. 
back to the drawing board. 
hello all. i have been trying to use the restoreyosemite.pkg but it always fails on postinstall script.
error log say bad cpu. So iam assuming that because my mac is a g4 ppc it wont work.
is there a work around or a ppc version of restoreyosemite.pkg. i also tried to restore yosemitezone.dmg with disk utility but still no joy.
any help  would be very appreciated.  
thanks in advance

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